Outsourcing księgowości

Outsourcing means savings!

According to CWS-boco's research, owing to outsourcing, 81,5% of companies have experienced an increase of savings. Only 3,5% of the companies find contracting out the accountancy more expensive than executing the service inside the company.

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Efficient company

You reduce or eliminate your accounting department and limit excessive employment.

Saving money in the company

You eliminate unnecessary costs related to organization of your accounting department.

Accounting experts

You can have professionals dealing with budget, controlling and chart of accounts in your company.


You don't have to worry about the consequences of accounting mistakes. The liability lies with PHR.


Those who want the highest quality

Specialists whose work has been awarded with trademark of Independent Consulting NDF in the field of Consulting for Business will work for your company.

Those who can't afford to make mistakes

PHR is fully responsible for correct accounting and settlements with proper state institutions. You gain complete security.

Those who are looking for accountants

As part of our outsourcing services we provide you with the best accountancy professionals and supervise them on a current basis to enable correct performance of their duties.

Those who need support

We provide comprehensive information about changes in the law as well as consulting during inspection

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