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„Adapt to Change", a report published at the end of 2011 by CIETT and Boston Consulting Group, proves that employee leasing is a strong incentive to a company's development as well as to the country's economy growth. Many Germany companies have found out themselves, how hard the effective employee leasing might be, while fighting the market's obstacles. The enterprises which used employee leasing in 2009-2011 noted an 11% growth, whereas their competitors, with their traditional employment methods, noted a 6% growth.



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High effectiveness

Unique know how and wide contact base enables us to reach candidates working on similar positions in other companies.

High quality

We thoroughly verify references and competences of the candidates, which makes you choose only from the best.

Full warranty

Your company gets a service guarantee and you eliminate the risk of a failed recruitment.

Time saving

The recruitment process time is reduced to minimum and your company quickly completes any workforce shortages.


Those who seek managers

The experts from Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny, basing on their knowledge, experience and contact base, carefully select qualified managers for you.

Developing businesses

Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny provides employees, who make your company run smoothly and develop effectively.

Those who need a consult

We provide professional consulting at every stage of recruitment process.

Those who reduce costs

With the support of Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny you avoid the costs of running the recruitment process on your own.

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