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In 2013 the European Parliament accepted a change in the directive regarding work qualifications. Changes allow for acknowledging qualification of Polish nurses and midwives the same way as of those from European Union.

According to the experts from portal, Poland is still one of the best sources of finding work candidates to foreign employers. It is a result of high education level, linguistic competences and the ability to effectively adjust to foreign work environment.

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Lower costs

Our know-how allows us to reduce labour costs up to 25%, while keeping the personnel of suitable qualifications. Your facilities significantly lower costs of functioning.

High quality

Specifically chosen procedures guarantee choosing right candidates. Furthermore, we provide a warranty for every recruitment process. If the employee does not fulfil your expectation, we react instantly.


We take care of recruitment, employee leasing and the support of new employees an the beginning stages of work at new facility.

Time and financial saving

We take care of time-consuming recruitment processes for you, so that you can fully concentrate on your company's operational priorities.


Those who seek reliable partners

Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny supports your facility and provides necessary and hard-to-get personnel.

Those who appreciate professionalism

We attach much weight to recruiting staff with suitable competences. Your company receives professional employees, so that you can provide services of the highest quality.

Those who reduce costs

With the know-how and professional back-office, Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny will back you up in operations aiming for employment costs reduction at your facility.

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